60 Series

Instant Connections to External Threads and Compression Fittings
The 60 Series sleeve actuated connectors are an ideal method for fast, safe and repeatable connections to external threads and compression type fittings.  Simply push the connector onto the threads or fitting to make a connection and pull sleeve away from connection to disconnect.
•             Instant connections from vacuum to 750 psi (51 bar) eliminate tape,
              sealant and wrenches
•             Collet design locks securely to external threads or compression fitting
•             No damage to threaded parts
•             Easy sleeve action to connect / disconnect eliminates twisting and turning
•             Durable design with easy to replace main seal

Now available with NEW shut off valve feature, which offers several additional
to the benefits to the non-valved 60 series connectors.
•             Stops flow when disconnected
•             No reduction in pressure rating
•             Protects the environment from spills
•             Enhances personnel safety
•             Minimal reduction in flow capacity compared to non-valved
              60 series connector

60 Series
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